Guz Architects seeks to produce refreshing architecture that is tranquil, inspired by nature, yet human in  scale.

Our projects both  derive inspiration from, and relate closely to nature. Structure, materials and technology are used to express as seamless a transition as possible between inside and outside. The resulting designs are both responsive and responsible to the site and its occupants, with consideration being given to the integration and preservation of the surrounding natural environment.

The practice makes extensive use of sustainable design technologies, and both passive and active design principles inform all design decisions with the intent to create long lasting, timeless architecture. As architects we  believe that we should help neutralise the effect of global warming incurred by our projects by planting trees wherever possible. As a company we have purchased land in the UK and New Zealand, and so far have planted over 3200 trees.  We make donation to World Land Trust to preserve existing rainforest; and also Greenpeace who are active in helping prevent deforestation globally.

Lastly in order to make a happy home or residence we believe the whole project and design process should be fun!!