Guz Wilkinson (Principal)
B.A. (Hons) (UK), B. Arch. (UK)
A.R.C.U.K. (UK); S.I.A.

Principal Architect and Founder of Guz Architects – Annesley Charles Wilkinson, known to everyone as ‘Guz’, set up the practice of Guz Architects Pte Ltd in 1995. Guz Wilkinson, was born in the UK in 1961 and studied at the University of Manchester School of Architecture. He has travelled widely in Europe, Africa and Asia and is a keen sailor. He loves nature and is a keen gardener.


Kelly Woo

Kelly completed her Masters of Architecture with National University of Singapore, and has been with Guz Architects for many years. She is a versatile and disciplined designer and has a holistic approach to architecture. She is also a keen rock climber.


Chayanit Boonma, (Nu)

NU graduated from University of Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2009, and she began career here at Guz Architects since 2010. Her diligence and enthusiasm make work fun!


Lee Rong Rong

Rong completed her Master of Architecture with National University of Singapore in 2013. Since joining Guz Architects she has been involved in designing and supervising housing projects in Singapore and resort projects overseas.


Disa Dwi Saputra

Disa joined Guz Architects after completed his Master of Science, Integrated Sustainable Design, with NUS in 2014. Since then he has assisted projects that collaborated his learning with enthusiasm and motivated his passion in architecture.


Michelle Chai

Michelle graduated from University of Brighton with a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Architecture. As a fresh graduate, she joined Guz Architects as an enthusiastic intern.  Shortly after, she was offered to take up a permanent role. Since then she has been handling projects independently and have completed numerous large sustainability projects.   Apart from local projects, Michelle being meticulous, is also actively involved in overseas projects.   She is adaptable, cheerful and also a marvellous team


Lim Meng Kuan

Meng completed her Masters of Architecture with National University of Singapore and has worked with Guz Architects over many years mainly doing house projects. She loves nature and enjoys rock climbing.